Next Gen Inc. Adoption Agency
Second Life’s Premier Adoption Agency, Family owned and operated Next Gen Inc. Adoption Agency. Bringing Families together since 2010 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Youth%20Quake/204/121/21The Next Generation in Family, Teen, Furry and Child Role Play.https://www.facebook.com/NextGenInc.Adopt...
74 members
MAGE Magazine
MAGE Magazine is a monthly magazine produced by artists in the virtual world. Please support independent art by liking, sharing, subscribing and adding our videos to your playlists.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwNM1DppSMQ&index=1&list=PLThpLfGotClLbUtMa2Os3Ddo2_KpdiDDL...
56 members
Paradise Bois Club
Paradise Bois is a Gay Friendly Drama Free club that is open to everyone who has no hangups. It is also on adult land as i am the original Naked DJ and so nudity will be found there some days. We have events everyday 3 to 5am slt and some afternoon events 3 to 5pm slt. Tuesdays we are closed a...
30 members
Fashion, accessories, shapes, and more for Toddleedoo girls.  Poses for the whole family. In world: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Angel%20Heights/157/103/22 Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/100164 Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bu...
30 members
[iK01] Industrial Kitty
iK01 started out in 2006, making boots and misc jewelery in Second Life... and still plodding along happily, making whatever comes to mind. Now selling: fitted mesh clothing for Classic male and female avatars, SLink physique, TMP, SMB, Regular Kid avs, ToddleeDoo, Totsipop; Nails appliers for ...
28 members
This group is used for general conversation, notices, and advertising to promote kid-related events, products, hangouts, etc. Standard group rules apply (no spamming, be nice, etc).
28 members
Meet singles
Come met and hang out with singles near you. Who knows, maybe you'll have a connection.
25 members
Willamina Preparatory
Welcome to Willamina Preparatory School. LM: Willamina Preparatory School We are a fully immerse Prep School RP sim, that focuses on realism and higher education. We accept students between 11 and 18 Years of age. In humanoid form (i.e walks on two legs and lives like a human) Tuition fee i...
21 members
PSE Pandas, Parents, and Pals
Pleasant Shore Elementary School
18 members
The Enchantment; Kids Club
The Enchantment; Kids Club is formerly Koolaid Drinkers Kids Klub and is now located on the Turducken sim on Secondlife. We are a fun, friendly club that you will love.. we do events, trivia and shave our groove things. MEET PEOPLE, MAKE FRIENDS! You will have alot of fun at our events, we do ...
18 members
Second life Store ! Making Skins , Shapes , Clothing & Meshes. For Kids , Toddleedoo , SMB , & Adults!
16 members
I make and sell kids shoes and clothing and fun stuffs, for Toddleedoo and big kids too Mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Youth%20Spot/134/45/42 SLMP: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/112839 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frogpuddlesplash/
16 members
{ Bellybean }
Poses made for family and friends! Poses are made for Toddleedoos & their friends and family! ♥ ʚ . Mainstore. ʚ . Marketplace . ʚ . LPA Location . └ . In World Group . FREE TO JOIN! └ . Flickr Group . └ . Facebook Page .
16 members
Quality Fashion for Toddleedoo and regular Kids. Animated fun stuff for Toddleedoo.Animations and Poses.[NRs!]-Numb3rs! - Mainstore on Facebook My marketplace
15 members
Gatchas - Childsize Dj booths and Facepaints.
11 members
Шнα'¢нα ɢα¢нα™ Yardsale
Group for the renewed Шнα'¢нα ɢα¢нα™ Yardsale, proud KiD GRiD supporter and included in the list of yardsales by Seraphim.  Here you can find tons of new & old gachas for everyone (ladies, gents & kids) from the latest events, rares &...
12 members
SL Adoption Chain
Welcome to SL Adoption Chain!Please read and follow the rules to keep this running smooth! And good luck on your search got your missing puzzle pieces!1. NO DRAMA..this means no bad talking about anyone or their post no matter what! This is not the place and it will get you banned permanently!2. PG ...
11 members
The Kids Circus Mall
A great place to shop for kids/family related items, we enjoy chatting, we are very friendly.   http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fairytale%20Forever/193/129/22
9 members
PoSsEsSeD Night Club
 Est.2012.  Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Industrial & more. Fun, Friendly, No discrimination, no cliques, fantastic music, Unique and Original. The only club in SL that changes the decor to match the DJs sets, and Home to the ONLY & Original F-Word Night™ in SL. 
8 members
The Hamper Blog Group
Blog posts for my blog The Hamper. I created a blog targeted toward the bigger kids in SL ^-^ https://lailashamper.wordpress.com/
9 members

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