The Enchantment; Kids Club
The Enchantment; Kids Club is formerly Koolaid Drinkers Kids Klub and is now located on the Turducken sim on Secondlife. We are a fun, friendly club that you will love.. we do events, trivia and shave our groove things. MEET PEOPLE, MAKE FRIENDS! You will have alot of fun at our events, we do ...
18 members
Maple Avenue Event
This is a group for the Maple Avenue Event (restarting up April 2017!)
1 members
Nikki's Imaginations Shoppe
Providing you with all of your LifeStyle needs from foods to drinks to other supplies. Main Store  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/New%20York%20Town/16/121/27 Marketplace Page: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/183853  Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/NikkisImaginati...
3 members
Mainstore -->  pandamomo Second life Store Gor,  Urban, Neko,  Japanese, Casual, Costume, Seasonal, Accesories, Man, Lady, Boy, Girl, Complete Outfit, Mesh, FornitureStay tune ---> New items , sales , gift  andare Group  Gift
1 members
Lemonade Couture
Affordable clothing! Includes standard sizes and sizes for Belleza, Maitreya, and Slink Mesh Bodies!  Lemonade Couture strives for high quality clothing with creative textures. Monthly group gift! mesh clothing, fitmesh, fit mesh, fashion, Gothic, goth
1 members
Specializing in men's and women's mesh t-shits. Random, sarcastic,geek/nerd, gamer, World of Warcraft, The Walking dead, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comic.. and what ever else catches my eye...
6 members
Own It !
Own It ! Open February 1, 2017 A Kids Fashion Event
7 members
Green Lanterns in SL
We are an assistance group themed after the comic book superhero Green Lantern. We patrol the grid looking for griefers, help new residents, and provide event security and security training. Our Green Lantern base is located in AfterLife. We stand between innocent citizens (SL Residents) and those w...
4 members
Club Lion
Club Lion, one of the oldest livesinger clubs in SL (since 2008), with many international live singers & DJs, with a wide genre of music We offer : a professional working Team, Friendly with alot of Humor, where Guests feels welcome and leaves as Friends,. Live singers, Musicans & DJs for ...
2 members
Coventry- Forest of Arden 15th Century RP
In world group link:secondlife:///app/group/51f7ad40-eebc-87a6-c0ec-6145b24652ca/aboutWelcome Centre:Forest of Arden, Honey (116, 30, 1012) - Moderate This is a group of role-players from the Role-play SIM "Coventry and the Forest of Arden". Our RP is free-form, character-driven, and...
1 members
Falcon's Cove Club and Beach Resort
Falcon's Cove Club and Beach Resort is made for everyone to enjoy. It was designed as a place to relax and intended as a vacation from both your first and second life. There are numerous games to play, shops to visit, and attractions such as a playground for kids, magic fishing, bumper boats, a full...
4 members
I'm Back
Hey long time no see. I am now back ready to blog. Giving you a winter party look to start my return. With many more to come. http://splashingredfashionista.weebly.com/blog/im-backFor when I saw these boots, by ROC, I just had to make my next look with them. As I fond this dress, by Ghee, it was as...
5 members
At ReImagined we make furniture for teens and kids as well as poses for all family up to 5 people. We have just started offering full perm animations for kids and adults! I do take custom work just fill out a nc that you can find at the store and describe in detail what you want. Soon there will be ...
2 members
Sweet Tooth Boutique
Sweet Tooth is primarily dedicated to the needs of children, specifically users of the Toddleedoo and SMB mesh bodies.
3 members
Blended: a family friendly dating service
Blended is a dating service for Second Life residents who either participate in the family community or are open to dating those that do.
6 members
A public investment company
9 members
Bellissima Fans
This is the group for the Bellissima Fans Store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Go/169/159/21http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Go/169/159/21  
1 members
Willamina Preparatory
Welcome to Willamina Preparatory School. LM: Willamina Preparatory School We are a fully immerse Prep School RP sim, that focuses on realism and higher education. We accept students between 11 and 18 Years of age. In humanoid form (i.e walks on two legs and lives like a human) Tuition fee i...
21 members
This group is used for general conversation, notices, and advertising to promote kid-related events, products, hangouts, etc. Standard group rules apply (no spamming, be nice, etc).
28 members
Paradise Bois Club
Paradise Bois is a Gay Friendly Drama Free club that is open to everyone who has no hangups. It is also on adult land as i am the original Naked DJ and so nudity will be found there some days. We have events everyday 3 to 5am slt and some afternoon events 3 to 5pm slt. Tuesdays we are closed a...
30 members

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