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Dean Lawson recently did an interview with me for the SL Enquirer.

Second Life Portraits: An in depth interview with Cameron Cove - Dean Lawson reporting

Cameron Cove is a Second Life artist and explorer who finds inspiration in the dark and murky shadows of the virtual world. I had the good fortune to chat with Cameron and learn more about his attempts to "capture the horrific atrocity of imagination.”

Dean : Could you tell me a bit about yourself?Cameron Cove : I'm a real life photographer and graphic artist. I joined Second Life out of curiosity. At first I thought it was an RP game but with no clear objective I was about to quit when I discovered the snapshot application. After taking snapshots in Second Life I began to look for work as a Second Life photographer which was very difficult because there are a lot of SL Photographers and most of them have a lot more experience with Second Life photography than I.

For complete interview click the link



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Cameron Cove New

You are cordially invited to visit my exhibition “Portraits by Cameron Cove”, currently on display at the Rose Theatre and Art gallery. 


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Cameron Cove New

I'm currently setting up a cyber gallery. I invite you to visit my site and comment on my work.


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This post features Ichigo Delight who just recently Celebrated 2 years of success and creativity. Big Congrats to one of the cutest Kid designers in SL <3

Hair by Spellbound (Gacha +Spellbound+ Cream (b) // Chapter III : Magic)

Shirt/ Leggings/Shoes by {Ichigo} Delight
Watch by Cosmic Dust
Small Crystal Choker Necklace - Silver by Yummy
Hestia mesh Ears by L'Etre
Glasses by Zoom

I Blog because it is what I enjoy doing <3

Sponsor Ichigo Delight <3

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