Reporting live!!!

Dec 5 '16 | By Hayden Foxdale
Reporting live!!!
Reporting live from Eden Valley this Evening, the Blizzard has ended we are now left with freezing temperatures, Icy roads and sidewalks. Visibility as you can see is better but there is a dark haze over the area. Crews have been working hard to insure the roads and sidewalks are safe for the students of Eden Valley. I was able to stop and speak to a few of the students this evening to ask their comments on this Blizzard.

Lynette Alyss Oh stated "It's pretty, snow always is but it's been hard to get to class on time. I was late today because I had to walk extra slow so I wouldn't slip"

sɑвʀɨиɑ иɑγєℓɨ0 commented "Brrrrr!" "The campus is so pretty though. I love winter and this is just amazing."

 Dasiy  Rennels Cheviot spoke up "oh, that it was cold and I'm glad I stayed home in bed over the weekend."

 - ̗̀ Natalia Ferox   ̖́- "my comment "dayummm that's a lot of snow!"

Lyra Andromeda Leogala says "IT MAYBE COLD FOR EVERYONE ELSE, BUT I'M NOT. No more comments XD"

And finally the last person I spoke with had alot to says "It went from bare, frozen ground to 8 inches of snow blanketing every sports field in a matter of just a few hours.  We couldn't move... trudging through the snow made us late for class or we ended up at the wrong building completely!

It wasn't all bad, though.  The tennis court was some cool fun: we threw snowballs at each other and the net sprayed them everywhere.  I'm not confessing about that last really big one though.

It crashed in and flew out... was gone overnight, but the snow's still here and we're planning on some ice fishing!

Winter rocks!," From Strypan

So there you have it your first real winter report This has been Hayden Onward and Out :)



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